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Garden of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Kaapio Acres JA Butter Pecan (Buttercup)

Buttercup is gold and white and was born 3-31-09. This second freshner has plenty of dairy character. She has a nice udder but is lacking a bit in the fore.

photo of buttercup

(Buttercup) Butter Pecan’s Pedigree
Kaapio Acres JA Butter Pecan Sire: Rosasharn SP Jamaica *B SS: ARMCH Rosasharn SW Sappora +B
SD: Rosasharn P. Pennsylvania 4* D & 4*M, VEEA84
Dam: Rosasharn HB Incara DS: Rosasharn TF Honey Bear 5*S
DD: ARCMH Rosasharn TL Arwen 8*D & 2*M VEEE90